Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I want to ask someone why that mouse wanted a nest in my broiler and how comfortable can a fiberglass nest be.  But these every day problems  pale.

A young man we know and love, a tortured soul that has lived in pain and brought pain to so many, did not want to live any longer.  He has sought oblivion on several other occasions.  They say if you are serious about giving up your life, you will find a way, no matter what kind of help you are given.

Now this troubled young man, a beautiful creature, intelligent, with so much to offer, gone off the rails somewhere, knew for himself he was off the rails when he was five years old,  is in a hospital on "life support".  A legally proscribed period of time must pass before "anything can be done."  Who has an answer for these dilemmas?

I hope he finds the Peace and Comfort he seeks and needs. 


  1. I agree. He needs to find his peace and bring a sense of peace to al;l those who care about him.
    If he passes then no doubt he'll have found the peace he wanted so much, what you must be sure of is that those left behind find peace and not feelings of guilt for not having done enough. Sometimes there cannot be enough because the persons state of mind can't be adjusted.
    I wish everyone a Happy Christmas or Hanukkah.

  2. Thank you, once again. I have been wanting to ask you how the Lady Julia is faring but have feared to. I hope all is well with you and thank you for the holiday wishes. Best to you. Would you mind communicating through facebook messages or email?

    We still don't know the outcome on the young man. He is on life support. He is the father of one of my grandchildren. I don't think anyone will feel guilt. It has been a very rough ride knowing him.


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