Thursday, June 20, 2013

An Award

As a sort of preface, I must first state that I have been banned from the Reddit subgroup "writing". It did not say why, so I have made a formal inquiry.  It did state that I have been banned by "those who write".  I kind of don't get Reddit, but I do get referrals from the site, so I give it a go every now and then.  Anything any of you know about Reddit, please enlighten me.

Then I must say thank you to Lord David Prosser who was kind or deluded enough to nominate me for the Super Sweet Blogging Award.

As with all of life's pleasantries there are rules to abide by.

1.  I must thank the person who nominated me.  OK

2.  I must answer 5 Super Sweet questions.
1.  Cookies or Cake?
         Usually cookies but I am fond of cake, just not carrot.  It seems so subversive.
2.  Chocolate or Vanilla?
          Vanilla, hands down.

 3.   Favorite sweet treat?
         I am currently unable to resist the Little Debby Chocolate covered wafer snack cake.  It has to
        do with a bizarre ritualistic way of dissassembling the snack before consuming.

4.  When do you most crave sweet treats?

5.  Sweet nickname?
         Well, my husband usually calls me, "JesusChristVirginia"  but I have many nicknames, none
          very sweet.   The one with the least amount of negative subtext at this time would probably be
          No explanations will be offered.

3.I must include the Super Sweet Blogger Award in my blog post.


4. Nominate a baker’s dozen of deserving bloggers.

Roy York

Wally Tomosky
He has said he doesn't have time, and I am not checking back, but he is sweet and a wonderful story-teller.  I should cheat and list all his blogs separately.

Sherry at The Redhead Riter cuz she has stuff like this on her blog:

And lots of other various things, funny and informative, and cuz she is a redhead.

Shayna Gier cuz she has been very helpful and works hard and is a cutie:

Darcy Perdu cuz she visited my blog once. And might again.

Brenna Wildung because she said she enjoyed the last award and was kind enough to participate.  Her blog is amazing.  It looks so professional and is very interesting.

I am kind of tapped out here.  I would have to go to Wordpress for more addresses and I have too many windows open.  So if you have time to do this, thank you, and pass it on to a deserving friend.

5.Notify my nominees on their blogs.
I did this in a somewhat half-assed way.


  1. Awe that was so sweet of you to include me in this award and for the wonderful things you said. I'll be sure to send you my link once I'm done making the post!:) ( which I'll post tomorrow :P )

    Thanks again!!

    1. Here my link to the award :)

  2. Magic Virginia. Thanks so much for being a good sport ( Is that one of your nicknames I wonder).
    I'm sending you Massive Weekend Hugs xxxxxxxx


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