Thursday, June 27, 2013

Feature and Follow Friday

For feature and Follow Friday I am supposed to respond to the question:  What is your favored reading format?

I honestly cannot say.  I love to pick up a book, new, used, (love Alibris) and library.  Also love my Kindle.  I will never catch up.  But I am getting very used to reading on my iPhone, mainly because of a lot of stuff going on lately.  It is the most convenient and not at all uncomfortable when you get used to it.  Uses up battery like crazy tho, and the Kindle has pretty good battery life. And, actually, with the iPhone, I love to stop reading where ever and know it will open exactly where I left off.  (That is also true of the Kindle and paper bookmarks, so what am I saying?)  And I can switch over to a game or Netflix whenever I need a break. 

I just have to read.  Did you ever notice the cups and napkins at Chipotle?


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  1. Happy Friday! I prefer reading paperbacks. I love the feel of real pages in my hand. I read eBooks sometimes, though. They're always faster to finish and you can easily highlight the passages you like.

    New GFC and Twitter follower.

    My FF @ The Creative Forum
    Happy Reading! :)

  2. new follower :) I'm definitely going to check out your books as well!

    tina @

  3. eReaders have been winning for me due to the multitude of books I can carry...

    Mei @ Diary of a Fair Weather Diver

  4. Since I've found that I now spend 23 hours 30 mins glued to the computer screen daily answering mail, and at least another 20 mins trying to get my socks on/off after bed and before bed, it seems I don't have much reading time any more.
    And, since I can't hold a 23" monitor for any length of time with any degree of comfort, my reading pleasure has to come from a paperback. I've noted also that no matter how I squander the rest of the night reading it never wears the battery down so I don't have to run round looking for replacements from all the assorted battery driven implements in the house.Alas my library of free e-books is now bigger than that of the Library of Congress though I accept that it does take up a little less room.
    I suppose the one good thing about having so little reading time is that my physical library is fairly small since I've been reading the same book since I bought it in 1961 without a break.
    xxx Hugs Virginia xxx

  5. Not very familiar with Alibris. Read of them but never used it. I am never caught up reading either. I could seriously stop buying books, no library, nothing and still read a book a day, every day for a good 5 years and not re-read a single book. So yea...always more. it is why my to-read list is so long. I need to retire young so I can have more time to read, lol. :)
    Here is my FF.

    1. I used to wish I would get maybe a moderate broken leg so I could catch up on my reading.

  6. Just read a book on Ipad for the first time -- and I have to say it was kinda cool. I've always loved the feel of books and swore I'd never use an eReader -- but I can feel myself being drawn to the Dark Siiiiiiide!

  7. I am liking life on the dark side. Welcome!


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