Sunday, June 23, 2013

Death Lists

So my husband, Louis, had a fall today and went to the hospital in an ambulance.  His pelvis is broken but not near the hip socket, so, instead of pinning it, they are "just going to let it heal". 

I wonder if, because of his age, he has been put on one of those death lists I have been hearing about. I am not an orthopedist, but I have to wonder how quickly weight-bearing bones heal in a slightly over weight man of his somewhat advanced age. What is a little lingering intense pain when you have out-lived your "usefulness"?

I will not sarcastically thank the voters of America until I have more information.  I'm good that way. 


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  1. I'm really sorry to hear about Louis. Sometimes if the patient is a little overweight or has chest problems they prefer not to put them under the knife because of risks with anaesthesia. Though it can take 6 weeks it's better to let the bones knit than spend an age pinning it, or if near the socket preparing it to take a foreign object.At my age I've started to be very wary now as I have continuous chest complaints
    ( I hear them whingeing all the time).
    I hope Louis is soon on the mend and not away from you for too long.
    Huge Hugs xxxxx David

    1. Oh, David! It is reassuring to hear you say that. Finite numbers and reasonable reasons (the best kind) are very comforting at this time. Louis is in la la dope land and I sent my daughter the RN to question the staff RN and they talked about having two year old daughters and who knows who at which hospital. I thank you so very much. Seriously. It makes good sense.

      Practice deep breathing start with count of seven in and out one thousand two thousand and work up to 13. Arms reaching high over head while counting is good. I USED to do it and I even noticed chest expansion . No jokes please. Take care of your very valuable self. Hearts. . .

  2. Prayers for Louis' quick recovery. If you want any herbal/natural healing suggestions, (it can make a huge difference) let me know via my email or Facebook private message.

  3. @Tulasi-Priya. I used to be able to message you on FB even if it went on your other box but now I cannot. Nor find your blog. My email is

    I especially would like to learn about helping bones heal especially when you are older. He is better but all the complications he has had have kept them from addressing the fractures.


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