Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I am not getting too much action on the Amazon review thing, (only family has bothered) but received this in my gmail and had to share.  I am so thrilled.

GLOWING REVIEW from Roy York, Las Vegas, Nevada

Thank you very much for sending me the .pdf copy of your book.  After I received it, I intended to read a few lines to get the gist of it and then figure out exactly when I was going to read it, in addition to the two other books I am in at the present time.  Then, one page led to another and I damn near didn't get the stuff out for dinner, but I did and that turned out OK.  Then, the wife came home and we had a lot to talk about, her day at work, some things going on like the earthquake in DC which I didn't know jack shit about.  Nor the one in Colorado, or the fact that Tripoli fell to the rebels.  I was too damn busy enjoying myself with the book.

I got back to it later after dinner and finished it about 11:00PM.  (My bedtime is normally 9:00, so think of that as a positive.)  Here goes the  review.

I will be promoting this to family and friends and have a little gathering coming up with one of them that told me they would get it.  I will be interested in her take on the book.

I liked the book, but I'm an ending kind of guy and was a little bummed out that you didn't tie up a few loose ends, (which could have led to sequels


but I know nothing about bodice rippers, this is my first).

(SPOILER deleted)

At one point, and I loved this about your story, you had me guessing what was coming and I like that in a story, and interestingly enough, I was seldom right.  A mark of a good author (in my opinion) is not giving too many hints as if their readers are dumb and you have to tell them in advance — (SPOILER DELETED):

I actually wrote down part of your dialogue when Jenny confronts Ethan with "That makes it OK? If everyone knows you're an asshole, and you admit you are an asshole, then it's therefore all right to be an asshole?"  I loved that line and laughed out loud.

I liked your character development and could swear the sharp tongue of the redhead is someone I vaguely know. And, since I know a little about you, saw your writing reflect things with which you are familiar.    

I think you are a master at dialogue, however, a couple of times I got confused as to who exactly was talking and had to go back and reread some to catch back up.  I'm more of a "he said, she said" kind of author, but the literary jury is still out on that.

Conclusion: I will read more of your work, I will definitely promote your book to my friends and family, and hopefully, we will stay in touch, and see which of us gets to the New York Times Bestseller list before the other.

Congratulations and keep writing.

With great respect to a fellow author who, like I am, is doing something about getting our stories out there.

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  1. Virginia, I see your occasional posts on Mises. org. Hope by now you are an Austrian and a Voluntaryist (a.k.a. anarcho-capitalist). What the tax abolition movement desperately needs is an Uncle Tom's Cabin equivalent, and maybe you're the one to write it.

    The review of your first book sounds good from the review. If you send it to me in pdf, I will put it in the pile of to-read books from and my literary daughter, which I hope to get through before I die.

    One of the best things I ever did for myself was join a small (usually 6-10) writers group in Winston-Salem, NC when I was living there. We met once a week to critique each other's submissions. I think we all tried to be both honest and kind in our criticism. Haven't had the time nor inspiration to start a similar group myself here on Signal Mountain, TN, yet, but I can't imagine a more fruitful experience for a budding writer.

    Keep our quips coming at Mises and best wishes for the success of you book.


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