Wednesday, August 03, 2011


I just read the most depressing blog I have ever seen.  It was called Kuwait is the New Black, and the guy that wrote it--wow.   I have read blogs where the child is ill and then they post the announcement about the funeral service, and you're crying, or the mom was sick and passed.  And, shit, when you read this guy's blog, please DON'T, I don't want him to have the traffic, you will think anyone who passed from this life, sorrow for those they left behind, but no one wants to share the planet with this dude.  Ugly soul, taking up space.  Why?   Why is life so unfuckingfair so often? 

Isaac Asimov (I think it was him) or Arthur C. Clark,  maybe, wrote this story about how God ran out of souls cuz there was a finite number and He didn't count on people hanging around so long, so people were starting to be born without a soul.  Y'know, when He started the human project, life expectancy was 33 years.  And, to quote myself, who better than God knows how imperfect someone can be. So maybe this dude, I know he is not living in MY country, and the title makes me suspect stuff, but I didn't explore too much, but maybe this dude was hiding behind the barn when the souls were being handed out.  Or maybe God ran out. 

Anyway, I shouldn't even be venting about this, but I am kinda wound up and was before I saw his fucking hideous blog. 

We went to see Super 8 tonight.   I thought it was great.  Tons of subtext.

(Now that I think of it, someone was published that wrote about a woman with no soul and how she was the only one who got the goods on the vampire.  No, I didn't read it, and won't.)

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