Friday, June 29, 2012


You know, don't you now, that someone somewhere can write a blog and the numbers come in showing that the marketing, if not the actual content of said blog was brilliant beyond comprehension, evidenced by the through the roof spike in stats.  And yet, no one was moved, even by the CTA, to comment in any way, even to say, "Wow, was I disappointed after all that build up".  Or, "This was the most amazing thing I have read in ages, but the punctuation could use a little sprucing up."  Whatever.   Say "Kilroy was here" or something for God's sake.  If the post embarrassed you so that you go  slinking away before anyone notices you, too bad.  You already left a footprint.  So speak the fuck up.  What is wrong with you people?


  1. Funny, but much as I appreciate comments left on my own blog (and I do!), and even recognizing that a lively comment section is truly like a conversation at a good party, I try not to worry about it.

    But maybe I'm not understanding your point? Are you talking about YOUR blog, or something else?

    Sorry to be dense.

    So, for example, I've tried four times to publish my comment above using my wordpress user name and account, and it refuses to go through. I have no idea what's wrong.

    I'll try something else.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I am speaking of blogs in general, but most specfically, mine. But I do admit, the comments I get are usually wonderful, which is maybe why I thirst for more.

    I don't know about the Google Wordpress war thing. For a long time Wordpress would not let me sign in with this blog. But they have offered a change option recently. I tried a wordpress blog but gave up on it.

    I don't let it keep me awake worrying about it, but it does strike me as curious. I usually leave a comment when I stop by a blog, as well you know.

    So nice to hear from you. You were one of my first commentors way back when. I am so interested in your
    readings. What should I write for one?

  3. To make you feel better, one of my posts got nearly 5,000 views. No that's not a typo. FIVE THOUSAND. I have only about 12 comments, 6 of those are replies from me.

    So, even when a post gets a boat load of views, comments are like slim to none. Luckily I post so much lately I don't expect comments. :)

  4. Wow, which one got 5,000 and how did people find out about it? A hundred and some is the most I had in one day.
    Thanks for coming by.

  5. Virginia, thanks for stopping by on my blog.

    This is me speaking the fuck up.
    Just what is it we want from our blogs anyway?

    And Nicole what the hell did you post that made 5000 people stop by? My daughter gets thousands per post and she had to lose 102 lbs and maintain it for two years.

    Maybe I have to lose weight, win the lottery or fuck Mr. Lonely, Katies soon to be ex. Actually I think I'll eat some Special K and buy a lottery tickey. Mr. C can go fuck himself.


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