Friday, June 29, 2012

Modern Medicine

My daughter being a degreed Nurse, I, by default, don't give much thought to medical problems.  I just ask her and she usually has the answer at hand or sends me a link.

The vaccine question is probably equal parts politics and pragmatism, and every one seems to have an opinion on the subject.  Being ancient, I know many people that blame their own children's problems on vaccines.  They have told me their doctors back them up.  In my personal experience I have had conversations in which three parents with highly messed up, (impaired to the tenth power)  offspring whose docs have said "This is clearly due to the vaccine."   I lie somewhere in the middle. I am scared of them, but usually buckle when presented with facts, like Pertussis is on the upswing.   I got the pneumonia shot, so I had a cold that led to a sinus infection and shingles and lasted four months.  If it had simply turned to pneumonia, a Z-pack would have fixed me up in seven days.  But, once again, I digress.

I herein copy an illuminating document that supports vaccinating in clear easy to follow terms.  After you read it, let me know if it has at all altered your opinions, be they whatever. I have made an informed decision to present it in its original format, knowing it will mess with the borders of my exquisitely designed blog.  Scrolling will help you if there is overlap, but I am doing this to help you read it since most of you are older than snot.

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