Monday, June 11, 2012

In For It

There is this huge site called Goodreads.  You can promote your work, ask questions, discuss books, review books, answer questions.  It is just huge and early on it was recommended that I utilize it. It is kind of too huge.  You can have problems with it, like someone may look for your book and can't find it.  Early on a guy named Larry asked me to be his friend.  I said something that must have led him to believe  I could think even though I was a female.  His profile pic shows him holding an armful of awards and trophies and he never stops talking about his experience and expertise.  I added him as a friend because he was the first person who asked me.  He complimented me and I was a novice.  I hadn't known about the friendship process. So lately he has been sniping at people and  he said to a person who has a published book, did the book benefit from a professional editing.  He didn't say this book needed a professional edit.  The guy replied he had several beta readers before publishing and Larry went into a spiel quoting  dictionaries and other sources about how beta readers were amateurs and he was talking about professionals.  The guy replied with a source defining a beta reader and Larry shot him down.  They started about legalese and intellectual rights and I interjected a remark saying Larry was beating around the bush arguing about the terminology and not stating whether the book needed an edit.   He jumped all over me and  got all snide and called me an amateur.  Did I ever say I wasn't?  And the "well, then, if you are such an 'expert'" crap.  I fired off how he had gone from being snide to being insulting and how he was always flaunting his professionalism.  I so wanted to tell him to fuck off, but it was not the correct venue.  (Strange guideline I have there, huh?) So now, I am sure, every book I have on Goodreads will receive a scathing insulting zero review.  Sometimes, honestly, and I know my Church teaches the desire or the intent to commit the sin is the same as committing it, but I just really want to shoot him.  I hate him.  I do.  I guess it is nice I have a target.

I love Mises(dot)org.  It is just fun to jump into the debates sometimes and they get all over me.  One guy said he liked it better when Mises was an all boys club.  I admit to them the limits of my knowledge and some come and comment on my blog and it is just a neat site.  He said I am always pushing it on Goodreads.  I think I mentioned it twice as a good place to go to discuss intellectual property rights.  Like maybe especially if your usual genre is romance or science fiction.  I am so steamed.  I keep saying I should learn to keep my mouth shut, but not this time.  Someone needed to call out this needle dick and I am glad it was me.


  1. I admire your tenacity and enthusiasm, Virginia. The internet scares me a bit because small people without faces or names get so big and vicious. But perhaps I should just tweak my thinking and see it as a nicer and less bloody place to stand up for what you believe in, and get your adrenaline flowing hot and heavy. Either way, I like your posts. Go get 'em, Virginia!

  2. Just check out the site. I'm with Anna on the tenacity. Believe it or not, you are a big inspiration to me in writing. I love that you've put your books out on your own and have your following, without waiting for anyone's permission.

  3. *Just CHECKED out the mises, etc. . . .

  4. Oh, and I added you as a friend on Goodreads.


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