Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Boring stuff used as an excuse.

No matter what kind of day you are having, this should brighten it up.

In other news, it is so unbelievably warm here today.  One little impatiens blossomed in the midst of all the wilted greenery around it.  I think they said it was eighty.  I had about twenty bulbs left over that I couldn't find room for, so I was going to give them to Fran.  I dug a hole by one of the trees in the front yard and put them in, in a somewhat orderly fashion.  Last Spring I recall saying, "Oh, I don't remember putting those in."  So I am sure this Spring I will once again be pleasantly surprised.  Fran wouldn't have time for them anyway. 

I asked Louie if I could use the leaf  blower just so I could be out and the leaves are ankle deep, but he won't let me touch it.  It is so mechanically complicated a mere woman would f--- it up.  Right? So unfair just because I sever the electric supply cord every year or so with the hedge trimmer.  My hedges have wonderful, carefully wrought shapes now.

Orthopedically updating, the doctor said the crack in the knee cap is because some of the cement is separating  but it hasn't changed since last year.  It is still a bit disconcerting to hear about all the cement and titanium within me.  And I can go to a sports medicine doc and have some of the scar tissue broken up arthroscopically which will make bike riding and getting out of the car a bit easier.  I am peculiarly excited about that.

Told you it was boring.  Just wanted to give the pic world wide exposure.


  1. Interesting stuff was a good reason to bolster with a nice picture. As a wild guess here I'm going to say "That's not you Virginia". I'm very astute see, must be my defective brain...erm detective brain.
    I'm sure she must get her good looks and sunny nature from you though. Hugs

  2. She is my youngest grandchild. Delaney--named after a nearby road. She is very good natured but very willful. I wonder if those go together. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Love the pic, to cute and brightened my day!

  4. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Wasn't bored!


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