Tuesday, October 02, 2012


The Maze, by Virginia Llorca, is FREE to download from Amazon through October 6, 2012., for electronic download to Kindle and Kindle apps.  Some mature content.


What do you do when you encounter an unexpected bump in the road of your life?  Panic?  Reach for help?  If you pride yourself on making good choices, you may give the subject more attention than it deserves.

At a crossroads in her life, Maisie lets someone make a difficult choice for her.  She is very happy with the outcome, but can it be the best solution in the long run?
Pressured by her family and friends to take the next step in her life after successfully completing her education and launching her career, Maisie figures a helicopter landing on the lawn must presage something important.
Always happy to live with her decisions, how will she do when she tries to be the answer to someone else's dilemma?

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