Sunday, October 07, 2012

Lost in Translation.

When I do a give away promotion, I try to hit the foreign Amazon forums.  I get more downloads from Germany each time.  I have heard the U.S. military has a large presence there.  I got about 72 downloads from Germany this time and  two from France and one from Spain.  I have had one each from them before.  I got one from Italy once, but not this time.  Anyway, this time I put "let me know of replies" at the end of my message in the German forum.  For some reason, I found this adorable.  Translated by google, I believe.:

Hello love Samira , 
many thanks for all the posted books, I also have my Kindle yet so long, and I whim times fantasy or love or even have a good thriller read I am grateful for every book.
And to contents would I will only say that a book sounds very interesting and then behind her terribly reads. That has often happened to me so I've previously brought many books from the library, thanks to the Kindle has become the smuggling done now. 
Wish you a great holiday and many relaxed hours of reading. 
Greetings Tina

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