Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Blurb for The Maze

Can you put a label on love?  What happens when a familiar type of love morphs into something out of control?  How far would you go to find the truth?  How much of your self, your life would you put on the line?

Maisie is an adorable, bookish nerd.  Only two people know the depth and intensity of her passion.  One day, minutes before going upstairs to "spend time" with Neil, she says something to his father.  Like ripples from a really large rock thrown into a pond, those words will alter lives and tilt the world on its axis for the already notoriously famous MacLaren clan.

Without question or doubt, the women in Dan MacLaren's life believe that they have a genetic imperative, accentuated by a characteristic mane of copper curls, that drives them.  Everyone else can just step aside.

If you are looking for another "Mary Poppins" type series, these would not be the books for you.  If you occasionally enjoy an infuriating female protagonist, you will devour these stories.

A vivid and satisfying read on its own, The Maze might be enhanced by reading Sacred Sin.

Some mature, explicit content.

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