Monday, April 29, 2013

Stirring the Pot

That Shakespeare thing?  "Me thinks the lady doth protest too much."

Wow.  Let's all get in a big circle, bunch up our skivvies, and then after our skivvies are in a big enough bunch, hold hands and form a gigantic example of a stereotype.

I am a grandmother.  I used to be a mom.  Well, actually, I am still a mom.  I am also still a daughter.  So  if I was in the mood to jump on bandwagons, I would be pretty busy, and knowing me, I would end up with lots of bruises.

The Wall Street Journal wrote an article about how mommy blogging is such a biggie nowadays, and how much money companies are spending to appeal to this group as they  see them as cash cows, plainly and simply.   I didn't think the article was terribly biased as WSJ articles can be.  I felt it was a commentary on a phenomenon. Lots and lots of people got pissed about it.

I don't care if someone says I blog for this and that altruistic reason, and I know this is gonna lose me a passel of followers, but when you go to read about someone's latest cute caprice with their darling family and it is a repost of a three year old article but still has all the latest ads and product updates, you gotta wonder.

I used to have ad sense ads on my blog, and they are missing out on a good deal here.  I have asked  what is  the deal since the spaces show up but the actual ads don't.  (I referred to the canary story previously.) So maybe I am just trying to use my own blog as a cash cow.  But it isn't.  It hasn't had an ad for years, and I am not pelting Google with complaints cuz the ads are not there.  I blog mostly to vent, and I make that very clear from the get go.

I don't care how much you shout about how you are just trying to give other mommies a heads up with some of their issues.  Some of them are very serious about that and do a service, but many of the mommy blogs are ADS.  Like the one's that crop up on yahoo that tell you they are going to give you the straight dope in thirty seconds and then another long blah'blah'blah starts after the thirty seconds.  Or that darling video about the mom and dad rapping.  It was a little too well produced you all noticed.  And then you found out, if you clicked and watched the video you had some woman blabbing in your mail box about her marketing company every day.  Misleading.  Don't like it.  Do you?

STATE YOUR BUSINESS.  I feel like a monkey when I respond to some story some one wrote in their blog only to realize later that the story was just a back drop to get you interested in these swell pots and pans. If you want to sell stuff, fine.  Lots of people want to buy stuff.  I would LOVE to sell stuff.  But I don't think shoving the product down someone's throat or mixing the Milk of Magnesia in with the Nestle's Quik is the way to do it.  But maybe that is just me.  I have taken up a lot of space here over the past year or so talking about the buy me, buy me phenomenon that is becoming so wide spread.  Okay.  I am just jealous.  Happy?  Does my saying that make you a little less angry about the WSJ article?

I think someone just poked you in that tender spot you have been trying to pretend wasn't there.

I want to build a huge literary metaphor about the panhandlers on Clark street wearing clean clothes and make up, and the shabby guy on the street corner in Wheeling with the okay but kind of old winter coat holding the sign "will work for food".  But I guess that would be putting too fine a point on it.  It is really just another internet meme, and when one leaves, another one pops up.

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  1. Put simply I follow quite a few blogs. I follow those that are interesting to me or share the same interests as me. I tolerate the ad sense ads because I can ignore them and anywway I can't complain because I carry them too in case by some stroke of luck they ever become a useful source of income.
    Where I have a problem is those blogs that purport to be informative but where the sting in the tale is really an advert.I don't follow overtly religious blogs,I don't follow hidden advert blogs. If I want them I'll look for them but I don't appreciate someone pretending to be a blogger when really it's all infomercial as I ( my opinion only) don't think religion has a place on the net since it's a contentious issue with so many different views around.
    Please be open and honest about what you're blogging about, it saves a lot of time.
    Hugs Virginia. xxxx

  2. Exactly. I actually have $1.73 in my ad sense account but can't collect until it is a certain amount. I see what you are saying more clearly actually, as I tend to babble. It is like there are commercials between shows on tv but then there is the thirty minute cooking show that is exactly as you say, an infomercial. I jabber about religion on occasion but I hope it doesn't come off as proselytizing. I prefer to think of it as commentary. But some religions require their members to evangelze and, like you say, they are there if you want them and easy to skirt. Thanks for stopping by. You even make me think sometimes!!


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