Sunday, April 21, 2013

This Week

So this week, among other things not documented, I have been accused of causing a national terrorist attack with my hateful rhetoric*, (my audience has increased, but not by THAT much) and called outright "just plain stupid". (I am so glad no one told me that when I was young and impressionable. )

I totally accept that that is to be expected when one puts one's self on public display.  I just thought, since I am always shouting about the great stuff, that I would reveal the other side of that particular coin.

* The hateful rhetoric was when I commented on an article about Obama's speech in which he said the purported and then unknown attackers in Boston would feel the weight of justice when apprehended.  I mentioned that we also needed an explanation for Benghazi and the six Americans killed in Afghanistan.  I am having a highly paid semanticist analyze that remark in depth  so I can correct my unconscious but oh so obvious habit of sounding hateful, or making my words sound hateful.  (Just kidding.) 

The stupid thing was in regard to a remark I made on Huff Post which I know most of you would prefer I didn't write on at all, but the comment was faved by about thirty people as opposed to the one negative remark.  I know Huff Post is not held in high esteem by ANY of you, so I won't go into that too deeply.

I don't feel too bad about any of this.  I always enjoyed making waves. 

How was your week?

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  1. Maybe it's time more people applied themselves to thinking Virginia and asked why the U.S. is such a target and so disliked by these evil people. Maybe people there need to ask why they're being perceived of as so bad. After all, it's not like the Chechen rebels would have cause to hate the US so maybe it's just Muslims. If that is the case, maybe more and more questions as to why? might be asked since few other countries are targeted in this way.
    I've heard that every time an innocent dies in a drone attack Al Queda gains many more recruits from their families and yet the drones don't stop. I'm grateful there are still people who take time to think and ask questions because without them, nothing will change because no-one will understand that to gain hearts and minds you have to stop killing innocents.

    1. I think there are many reasons Americans are despised and I think our arrogance is one of the major ones. I think that overblown and expensive publicity stunt to apprehend a wounded 17 year old intensifies the focus on our arrogance. The wife of our current president wrote a dissertation at Harvard on White American's sense of privilege. A letter in the local Navy Base(a place I love by the way) was from an Admiral's wife who was in a swivet about having to follow a security protocol. I could go on, but I would end up talking about Gaza and Incident At Marjah (which see) and crying as I did seeing autopsy photos of the much hated Tamerlane. Seeing photos of him calmly climbing in a squad car just hours earlier makes a human wonder where the seeds of brutality and man's inhumanity to man are scattered and finding fertile ground.


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